How to use Twitter as a Learning Tool

How to use twitter as a learning tool.

Twitter as a Learning Tool

Traditionally educators have used Twitter to keep students abreast of course information or to broadcast snippets of bite size content from their course. However, Twitter actually offers far more scope when it comes to using it as a learning tool for educators and students. So what makes Twitter the best in class Learning Management System (LMS) and E-Learning tool? Twitter has several key features that make it stand out over other systems, namely content management, feature rich plugin ability and an on-the-fly platform.

Content Management System

Twitter is in fact one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) for educators. As a CMS it is a great repository for educators to store rich media content in concise bite size tweets. Furthermore, all this information (tweets) is stored on Twitter free of charge with no IT overheads for site maintenance and comes with unlimited data storage space.

Twitter API

Add in Twitter’s API, application software can tap into Twitter’s powerful CMS to truly harness the full potential of Twitter as an eLearning tool. The Twitter eLearning tool Learnt plugs into Twitter’s API pulling all the rich media content educators plug into their Twitter accounts in real time. Learnt then displays this rich media content in an intuitive interface as structured dynamic content for students to learn.

On-the-fly platform

However, what really differentiates this system apart from other eLearning tools is how adaptable Twitter actually is. Twitter is an on-the-fly platform, meaning content is current and up to date, this is exactly what educators need in an eLearning tool. This content when stored (tweeted) into Twitter’s CMS is simultaneously pushed to the Twitter eLearning tool that then displays the content. Students can then answer content and be graded as they work their way through the content being pushed to their desktop or mobile device.

Full suite eLearning Tool

Learnt is the E-Learning Twitter application that offers the full suite of learning tools on twitter. Any educational institution or individual can create courses on Learnt for free as part of their E-Learning strategy for their current students to take or for prospective students to try out. Courses on Learnt are open to any student with no restrictions on who can access the content, bringing about learning equality.

Learnt offers a best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS) and E-Learning suite for educators to deliver dynamic content and for students to learn for free on Twitter. Learnt is fast to setup and has an intuitive interface, as easy as opening a Twitter account. It is packed with free features that enable full reporting and is built on an open and collaborative learning environment so educators and students anywhere can create and learn collaboratively.

Benefits for Educators and Students

As an educator with Twitter using Learnt you can deliver a full course with a multitude of content question types that your students can answer and be graded on, along with tracking and issuing certificates. As a student you can access courses from leading educators globally on any device, anywhere, anytime.


Get started using Twitter as a Learning Tool


If you are an Educator



Sign up for a free Twitter account. This account is your Educator Learning Management System (ELMS), and each tweet on your Twitter account is a question. Once signed up submit your Twitter account to Learnt to be included in the Learnt Educator Directory (LED) for students to select. For instructions on how to structure tweets as questions and answers on Twitter for Learnt, check out our step-by-step instructions on Twitter.



If you are a Student



Download the Learnt application onto your smart phone, tablet or computer, then log into Learnt with your Twitter account or simply click create account if you don’t have one. Once logged in, select which Twitter (educator’s) account you want to learn from. Learnt will automatically display the questions, grade and track your progress as you answer each question.

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