The Learning Management System for Educators

The learning management system for educators,

If you are an educator (facilitator, teacher, coach etc) looking for a learning tool to deliver dynamic content for your learners to study online, you will find numerous third party proprietary learning tools in the market. Choosing the correct one for your needs can be a daunting and time consuming task, even for seasoned educators or digital learning specialists. Your search will yield systems professing to include a full suite of learning tools with their Learning Management System (LMS), usually with a cost for usage.

Before any decision can be made on what is the most appropriate LMS/E-Learning tool for yours’ and your learners’ needs you must draw up a digital learning strategy covering your system requirements, interface and system architecture, scalability, features, cost and the most critical element in any decision-making process whether the system can meet your key stakeholders needs.


Learnt – The Learning Management System for Educators


Learnt is designed around three core underlying ideologies to meet all your educational needs. Firstly, if you design, build or use a LMS/E-Learning tool it should have no barriers to education, ultimately empowering learning equality so all participants can be an active part of the learning process by sharing and contributing. Secondly, it must be stable, scalable and intuitive, and allow delivery of dynamic content on-the-fly so that content is relevant and up-to-date. Thirdly, learners need support in the form of peer-assisted learning online.


Learning Equality


“Excellence in Education Requires Equity, not Elitism.” Pasi Sahlberg

Learnt is built on the simple philosophy that all learning should be made accessible and free for all, as such, what one is learning should be open to all.


Deliver Dynamic Content On-The-Fly


Learnt allows educators to either create and deliver their own dynamic content on-the-fly or use other educators’ dynamic content on Learnt. This process promotes instructional design collaboration for educators, reducing the time and costs in sourcing dynamic content.


Peer-Assisted Learning


For learners, no matter what course they take every question on Learnt has Twitter chat (developed by Learnt) so students can collaborate with other students and twitter users for help on each question, bringing about peer-assisted learning.

Any educator can administer a course on Learnt through Twitter that can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime. Educators can customise their courses on-the-fly for any subject, topic and activity for free.

It’s time to break down the walls to digital learning and bring about learning equality across an open and collaborative learning platform for the greater academic and social good.


Download Learnt now and try it for free.

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